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 16th to 21st of June 2023
Event has passed

Your place to recharge and step up your practice.

Rocket and Rewind Retreat In South-france

Start the day with Meditation, Pranayama breathing and a strong Rocket Vinyasa session, followed by mouth-watering breakfast, chill at the turquoise pool in the private garden and learn a new arm-balance in the afternoon. End the day with a unwinding Yin practice and a glass of local wine after dinner with like-minded.

Meet your Host

LISA Deppe

YOga Teacher 450 h RYT
From Frankfurt (Germany)

I am a certified yoga teacher for Rocket, Vinyasa and Ashtanga (450h) and completed my basic training at Sampoorna in Goa, India (200h Yoga Alliance Approved TTC).

I have always done a lot of sports and at some point realized that I needed something to bring me more balance in my demanding daily life. During a retreat in Guatemala I finally fell in love with yoga. Since then, I've tried different styles of yoga and discovered my passion for powerful Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga, which combine demanding, energetic movements with breath and a focus on Mindfulness. Two years ago I was on a Rocket Retreat with Frida Starvid and so no other location came into question for my own retreat than this beautiful place. 

Since then I have attended several Rocket Teacher Trainings by David Kyle, Tiago Rochas and Lita Satva and have been much inspired by their unique styles, technique and energy. My motivation as a teacher is to share, multiply and pass on this feeling and positive energy to you.


Examplary Schedule 1

6:00 Wakeup Call

6:30 Coffee + Tea Downstairs

7:00 Rocket Yoga
9:15 Breakfast + Journaling Time

10:00 Free Time

13:00 Lunch

15:30 Workshop

18:00 Free Time

19:30 Dinner

Examplary Schedule 2

6:00 Wakeup Call

6:30 Coffee + Tea Downstairs

7:00 Rocket Yoga
9:15 Breakfast + Journaling Time

10:00 Free Time

13:00 Lunch

15:30 Free Time

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra

Yoga Practice

In order for you to strengthen your practice as well as rewind during the retreat, we will also have a relaxing yoga session in addition to the daily Rocket class.


Rocket Ashtanga Vinyasa is a style developed in the 80's by Larry Schultz, a dedicated student of the founder of Ashtanga Yoga - Patthabi Jois. Rocket consists of a sequence of asanas based on a modification of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary and Intermediate series.

The Rocket series is considered an all-encompassing practice and makes the powerful sequences of Ashtanga yoga accessible to all body types and experience levels. Because of the sequence of asanas, strength and flexibility are also built quickly. This is also the reason for the name: It's called Rocket because it gets you there faster.

The Rocket sequences are 3 set basic sequences that can be creatively built upon so that both experienced beginners and very advanced yogis who like challenging arm balances and inversions alike get their fill.

The Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra practice in the evening gives you the perfect balance to the powerful, energetic Rocket class in the morning. Yin aims more at stretching and relaxing the deep connective tissues (fascia, joints, ligaments). It consists of individual poses that are held for longer periods of time - supported by props such as bolsters and blocks. Thus, Yin offers a lot of space for meditation and inner peace and offers the chance to focus on the physical and mental sensations.


“Nidra” comes from Sanskrit and means "conscious sleep". During a yoga nidra praxis, you are guided into a deeply relaxing state between being awake and sleeping. While your body lies motionless in savasana, your mind is kept awake. During the Yoga Nidra practice, you can experience a combination of meditation, self-hypnosis, mental training and progressive muscle relaxation after just a few minutes, which helps you to let go of the stress of everyday life, to unwind and to arrive completely at yourself.

FooD And Drink

At the retreat we offer you delicious homemade food - cooked by Amy, the owner of the farmhouse herself.
All meals will be vegetarian with vegan options.

Breakfast: Primarily continental, breakfasts are comprised of seasonal fresh fruit, natural yoghurts, a variety of fresh bread, delicious pastries and jams, plus homemade le bezy pyrénées granola. For coffee lovers, Lost Sheep Coffee is served and for those of you who more enjoy a morning cup of tea, there is a great range of Teapigs tea to kick start your day.

Lunch and dinner: Lunch and dinner are primarily homemade and using seasonal locally sourced produce. The vegetarian/vegan Supper Club aims to give you all the nourishment and delicious goodness that our bodies need.

Snacks: If you still need a little energy boost, fruit, energy balls, and Amy's incredible banana bread are ready to keep you happy.


Drinks: The price also includes water, coffee and tea, as much as you want. And if you want to relax in the evening with a glass of delicious local wine, you get that too at a good price.



Laid-back, yet eclectic, each one of the 5 bedrooms at le bezy pyrénées has been uniquely dressed using locally sourced, rustic and vintage pieces.

All of the bedrooms are twin-rooms and you share your room with one other participant. Each room has its own ensuite with rainfall shower, complete with a selection of Le Petit Marseillais products and a hair dryer.

Bed linen & towels plus Furö Studios Yoga Mats are supplied.


le bezy pyrénées

Le Bezy is located in the beautiful area of the pyrénées, in south-france.

The owners James and Amy describe le bezy as "a home for cyclists, adventure seekers and yogis to come together located in the heart of the Occitanie region of the Pyrénées.

The farmhouse in the peaceful french countryside offers a private swimming pool, an expansive garden and much more to make your stay memorable.



area to chill

bedroom with to seperate beds

bedroom with two seperate beds


the farmhouse at night


the farmhouse and its surroundings


room with double bed


room with two double beds

Rocket & Rewind Yoga Retreat in South France
(limited to 8 spots)

5 days: June 16th till 21st

early Bird PRice*

Normal Price

1292 €

1400 €

 - 108 € discount 


* until March 31st

  • daily Rocket Vinyasa classes
  • a bed for 5 nights in the farmhouse
  • all daily meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner, incl. towels and bed linen
  • all non-alcoholic drinks like water, coffee and tea
  • high quality journal to take notes
  • a wonderful accommodation with pool and expansive garden
  • airport transport from Toulouse or Carcassonne to the farmhouse
  • yoga and breathwork workshops

What's included in the Price

What's Not includeD

  • travel costs like flights
  • costs for external leisure activities
  • alcoholic drinks (available on additional costs)
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